60+ Best English Suvichar | Suvichar English

Best English Suvichar | Suvichar English सुविचार English | इंग्लिश सुविचार

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       I have brought for you 60+ Best English Suvichar Best English Suvichar collection in English language. We have tried to provide English suvichar collection 60+ Best Suvichar English to read and send to others in Suvichar English. Here are English school suvichar for you and your children. That’s how we will bring you Best English Suvichar beautiful Suvichar in English.

60+ Best English Suvichar | Suvichar English सुविचार English | इंग्लिश सुविचार

60+ Best English Suvichar | Suvichar English सुविचार English | इंग्लिश सुविचार

1. Believe in yourself and be prepared to work hard rather than trusting in luck.

2. We realize how far we will reach in our life only if we remain consistent.

3. The work done by intellect brings more success than donkey work.

4. We stay honest and true to ourselves no matter what people say.

5. How can I lose because I know how important winning is to me.

60+ Best English Suvichar | Suvichar English सुविचार English | इंग्लिश सुविचार

6. Why be like someone if there is no one like you in the world.

7. The war is on with fate, time and yourself.

8. Death is one day for everyone. So why live by licking someone’s palms as long as you are alive.

9. We screw up those we don’t bow down to, and those we love don’t bow down to us

10. Understand the reality of the world. Make money, everyone leans towards it.

इंग्लिश सुविचार English Suvichar :

11. Have some patience Now a new lesson is coming that too in a new way.

60+ Best English Suvichar | Suvichar English सुविचार English | इंग्लिश सुविचार

12. Because he has the courage to walk on his own, he does not walk alone in a crowd.

13. People who care more about others than themselves are always lonely.

14. Do what you think is good, life is yours not someone’s father.

15. Spend all your time on happiness.

16. No Attitude Brother, just don’t understand the need to respect everyone.

17. A man must have money, but who does not value feelings.

18. One cannot tell what will happen tomorrow, so every day should be lived in this rubabat.

19. Hard work is never dangerous, only hard work should be believed.

20. As of now, the real progress has been made, once the stage is reached, everyone’s program will be completed.

21. I don’t have a bad temper, I just can’t stand being bullied.

22. Useful people are never yours.

23. Father’s support is not enough for living, but his wealth.

24. A person who lives alone is never alone but is known to everyone.

Best Suvichar In English :

25. A man should be great not in money but in mind and thought.

60+ Best English Suvichar | Suvichar English सुविचार English | इंग्लिश सुविचार

26. When there is faith in oneself, there is no question of fear.

27. Understanding the difference between appearance and pretense makes life and people easier to understand.

28. Hard work has to be done in any field, iron rusts if left lying.

29. Don’t be afraid after something goes wrong in life because after milk is lost only people who don’t know how to make paneer are afraid.

30. Rama had knowledge of ego and Ravana had ego of knowledge.

31. Troubles come and go but people who change with time are remembered forever.

32. It is not that easy to be successful. To be successful you have to think differently from millions of people.

33. A friend who gives good advice is sitting on the floor.

34. Whether in sports or in life, show your strength only when the other thinks you are weak.

35. One should act so that no one should suffer and no one should shout that one should live.

36. In a line a boy’s struggle is measured by how much he earns.

37. Nothing is more important than a father and no one is greater than a mother.

38. No dream comes true without hard work.

39. Attitude is essential in life otherwise people take it lightly.Suvichar English | Best English Suvichar

40. People never see the hard work you do but the money you earn.

41. Never be proud of time, today is yours and tomorrow is someone else’s.

42. Rays of hope or sun dispel the darkness of life.

45. The best preparation for tomorrow is to do a good job today.

46. Victory belongs to those who understand duty and karma.

47. If you live in worry, you will become a cheetah of yourself and of the world.

48. Time replaces time Just give time a little time.

49. When you smile in private, know that you are truly happy.

50. Don’t worry about tomorrow, you should be excited about tomorrow.

51. Never delay in giving time to those who have given time in your bad times.

52. Never get depressed in life friends because you never know when this life will lead you on the right path.

53. A wise person finds a way out of bad times and a coward looks for reasons.

54. Your qualities guide you.

55. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

60+ Best English Suvichar | Suvichar English सुविचार English | इंग्लिश सुविचार

56. Take a closer look at any success to see how long it has taken.

57. If you want to talk, talk to everyone’s face, everyone talks behind their back.

58. In the end, everything happens gradually, but the information comes suddenly.

59. Reading wrong books is like drinking poison.

60. Life is neither in the past nor in the future, life is only in the present.

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